Inequality can be identified
through the meagre sum of money in which woman athletes receive, even when they
play at the same international level as men. This notion can be traced back historically
as many deduced that women should be paid differently to men primarily due to gender
differences. This is still significant in contemporary society especially in
relation to sport, as many writers have brought to attention that there is
still a discrimination in the gender pay gap between male and female athletes in
tennis and football.


Flake et al (2013) case
study revealed that tennis earnings for elite athletes were substantially
higher for men than woman, as female athletes earned less than their male
counterpart for every single tournament won in 2009. Which signifies the inequality
between men and woman. For instance, woods, (2011) stated that Maria Sharapova
was ranked the top highest paid female athlete in 2008. But on the other hand, if
you were to compare female athlete’s earnings to their male counterparts you
will still be able to identify the existence of inequality, as notably Tennis
star Rodger Federer “earned over 33 million in 2008” (Woods, 2011, p.235). Which
supports the concept that women have not achieved equality with men.

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