Blaster 9.99 / € 9.99 / £

Blaster Master Zero Confirmed for Nintendo SwitchRamzan Jafar March 1, 2017 Games No CommentsInti Creates announced that Blaster Master Zero for Nintendo Switch and N3DS will go on sale March 9 in the eShop of both platforms.When announcing the games that will accompany the departure of the new Nintendo console in Japan, unexpectedly appeared Blaster Master Zero for Nintendo Switch. It was known in advance that Inti Creates was working on this title, but it was only known that it would reach the N3DS. So it was a nice surprise that I was also on the way to this platform. But the studio asked their fans for patience before talking about the game.It seems that the reason had to see that this title was one of the highlights of the Nintendo Switch Nindies Showcase that took place a few hours ago. According to the information shared by NOA, this title shares the same elements related to the franchise, in addition to including a modality for two players, as well as multiple cameos.Blaster Master Zero for Nintendo Switch will go on sale at the same time as the N3DS version in the eShop, on March 9 in both America and Europe. How are the two adaptations different? As the corresponding to this console / laptop is compatible with HD Rumble and has the multiplayer mode mentioned before, all thanks to the use of Joy-Con controls of this machine.Instead the delivery for the N3DS can only be played by a player, as well as the Switch in its portable mode. When it goes on sale in the eShop its price will be $ 9.99 / € 9.99 / £ 8.99, so you will have to see how much it will cost in its Mexican equivalent. As previously known, Inti Creates created this title after acquiring the license of Sunsoft.With it they created a development that pays tribute to its predecessors, and whose appearance remembers to the golden age of the NES. However, Blaster Master Zero for Nintendo Switch and N3DS also has a number of new features. These include new fights against bosses, unpublished areas to explore and other additional elements. A game that veterans and novices will enjoy. Learn more about this proposal in its official statement.