Brexit in the interest of Europe to

Brexit is currently a
topic of controversy and has occupied British parliament since the vote of the
referendum on 20th June 2016 decided that the UK will leave the
European Union. A year and a half later there has not been a visible positive
effect. The consequences are rather negative and that Britain now faces the
frightening idea that it would be cut from the European Union in the most
damaging way feasible.

On one hand, the
reason for the people to vote for leaving the European union sounded rational
as they wanted to preserve their traditions, to lower the rates of both
immigrants and emigrants and to open their market for other countries. This
ideology on its own seems reasonable and is even more applicable to Britain if
considered from a historical perspective. The United Kingdom has always been
relatively distant from the EU as for its 40 year of membership it has not
taken up the euro as its currency. There are many laws and policies, however,
by which the UK and EU are tied up and therefore it would be difficult to
separate the two entities especially with the limit of two year that has been
established. There is a chance that the time for separation is prolonged but is
unlikely as it is in the interest of Europe to make this process as impeding as

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On the other hand,
however, the MP Teresa May is in a difficult position because she has yet to
propose an efficient plan that would successfully separate Britain from the EU
and at the same time continue the trade policies that have been established
between them. It is estimated that the costs that Britain would need in order
to pay off its debts considerably over through the ones that it had to pay for
its membership.

What is more, the main
advocate for Brexit was the currently in power UK Independence party. This
party has a history of being racist, sexist and merely unethical in similar
situations. How could one believe that a party that has this kind of history
would suddenly change its political beliefs and set the country in an open
towards the world direction.

Even the future of
British products is unclear as it is unknown whether or not they would be
desirable for other markets and even if this is the case the process which the
UK would have to go through is a long and exhausting one. For instance the UK
would have to decide which EU law regulating most of its industries it will
choose to keep everything from environmental rights to workers protection
rights. It would also has to negotiate new treaties to replace the 759 EU
broken deal that it would immediately be excluded from governing everything
from nuclear power to foreign trade policies.

In conclusion, I may
say that every single aspect of Brexit is a mountainous task that needs time
and careful thought. the government currently is in a difficult situation and
would be miraculous if it manages to consider and negotiate these deals with
Europe in the provided timeframe.