Brittney or bad at something that is

Brittney Palencia

Your abilities are based on
having a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. A fixed mindset is believing that you
are either good or bad at something that is inherited. Whereas a growth mindset
is believing that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Anyone can be
good at something as long they have a positive attitude and are willing to put
the time and effort. In the video Mindset
Ted Talk, Eduardo Briceño talked about how seventh graders were surveyed to
find out what mindset they had, then tracked for two years. The outcome showed
that students with a growth mindset were able to improve their grades over time
and the students with a fixed mindset did not. Eduardo Briceño also mentions that
in brain scans it shows that people with a fixed mindset have active brain activity
when told about well they perform. People with a growth mindset have active brain
activity when told on how they can improve and do better.

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This quarter I am retaking Anatomy
and Physiology II (BIO 242). When I took BIO 242 last quarter I didn’t do well.
Halfway through the quarter, I kept telling myself, “I am not doing well, so there’s
no point in trying.” I had a fixed mindset. Now that I am retaking the class
again, I have a growth mindset. Now I am telling myself “this a lot of
information to learn, but I will understand it.”

A growth mindset can help
reduce my anxiety when communicating. In the Communication Apprehension lecture, there are four ways
comprehensive approaches to managing communication apprehension. The four ways
are systematic desensitization, positive visualization, skills training, cognitive restructuring, and I believe they all go along with a growth
mindset. Self-monitoring (pg. 25)
could also help with the approaches. When practicing communicating, I would be
able to see what I’d be able to do differently. Sometimes I tend to talk fast when
I am nervous, then I realize I need to talk slower. I believe the main thing to
do reduce my anxiety to just keep practicing on communicating. Another thing I
tend to do is negative self-talk, which is one thing to eliminate for cognitive restructuring. Negative self-talk
would keep me in a fixed mindset and that is not what I want to do.