Co., agency focuses on handle each client

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            The social work value and
ethics that I think was shown during the interview was dignity and worth of the
individual.  As I stated the clientele
ranges from low income families to very wealthy families and I truly believe
that it does not matter what situation the families may be in that this worker
treats each client with dignity and respect. Within social justice I do believe
that this agency focuses and partners with other agency that can help provide
services that are in the best interest for the families. Also with economic
justice the agency does look at the situations of each family and how they are
economically impacted. I did notice during the visit the agency did have
cultural competence.  I believe that the
agency focuses on handle each client with respect and making sure that policies
of the agency is always followed when handing each client and their case.


            My overall thoughts of the
visit were great. I learned many things about the agency and different
information about the programs that they assist with.  I do believe that the jobs that individuals
do at the Department of Social Services are very critical and you must love the
work to be able to continue to do it.  I
was told that the clientele is a wide range and that they do assist families
that are low income families to families that are very wealthy.  So, I do believe that you never know what can
happen to anyone.  Just seeing and
hearing the things that the jobs entails I feel that you must love what you
do.  I was even given the average
salaries for each division within the agency and believe most do not get paid
enough for what all they do so they must love the their jobs and the work that
they do.

            I was informed that
working at the Department of Social Services can be an overwhelming and stressful
some days.  Quinesha mentioned to be that
for self-care she may take at least a day or two off throughout the month and
as what she refers to as a “mental day.” 
She stated that it was day where she could take off and do something for
herself or even take the day off to relax at her home especially if she gotten
to overwhelmed.  She stated that with the
job she has it is important to take self-care days or else you will become to
overwhelmed, stressed, and will eventually become burned out.   Quinesha stated that she loves what she does
and to keep going and being able to assist her clients as best as she can be
important that she put into some self-care time so that she can stay focused
and motivated.

I asked Quinesha what was her future goals and how long
she planned to work as an employee at the Department of Social Services.  She stated to me that she had not too long
graduated from her Master’s Program and gotten licensed.  She stated that she eventually wants to work
at a school preferably a High School as one of the school’s social workers.  Quinesha stated that she wants the kids to be
able to come and talk to her whenever they need too and wants to be able to
help the children with picking colleges and assisting them in getting to them.

 Quinesha even
mentioned herself that often days she does goes home worried about some of the
minor children on her caseload, but she knows she is trying to help their
family achieve something great. Quinesha stated that when she went to college
she knew that she wanted to work with children and families.  She stated that getting her bachelor’s and
master’s in Social Work is something that she just wanted to do and there
weren’t no specific reasons but that she loved working with children and that
she has always been a helping person. 
Quinesha stated that she had previously interned at the Department of
Social Services and had also worked a case manager for a group home by the name
of Epworth who assists the Department of Social Services with placement for

            Overall, I think
Quinesha’s job satisfaction is held at a high. 
During the agency visit I could see the passion and drive that Quinesha
had for her job.  I could tell that she worked
by the agency mission of focusing on achieving permanency and stability for the
families that are currently on her caseload. 
I viewed her as a social worker who treated her clients how she would
want to be treated if she was placed into their situation.  During the visit I did overhear some of
Quinesha’s coworkers and herself mention how stressful their job could be.

            While visiting the agency
with Quinesha I also had a chance to get and go out with her in the field while
she was going to make a home visits with one of her clients.  I observed the interaction between the minor
children and Quinesha to be excellent.  I
observed for Quinesha to be very professional throughout the entire visit even
when her clients challenged her authority. 
Her clients questioned her throughout the visit of how long she has been
doing her job and if she knew what she was talking about.  While reading the reading “Professional
Competence,” I found it very interesting read within the gaining competence
section of the article that it stated that if you ever find a client
challenging you to have a list of resources or colleagues who could help (Professional Competence, 2018). When
handling her clients Quinesha made sure that the clients understood what needed
to be done and what the agency was asking for them to do and if they needed
reassurance that they could contact her supervisor.  I think she exhibited a great level of
professional competence.

            There are many different
services that can be offered to within the Family Preservation Division.  Quinesha explained to me that if she has a
family that has been impacted by per say drug used then she would recommend
that the parents go for a drug and alcohol assessment and they may continue
that for a period.  If there is a case
where corporal punishment has been used, then Quinesha stated that she would
put on her treatment plan for the family to attend family counseling and refer
the parents to some parenting classes. 
Quinesha also must go out to the families’ home once a month.  The purpose of the monthly visits is to see
how the family is doing, the growth they have endured and to see if there have
been any changes within the family.

Once the case gets to the Family Preservation Division it
is then given to Quinesha Cohen or one of the other case managers.  The Family Preservation Division unit is
responsible for assisting and helping families get stronger and helping them
work towards reunification and a happier, safer life (Child Protective Services,
2018).  When Quinesha receives a case she
first must staff the case with her supervisor which means they get together and
discuss what may need to be done.  They
then go over the case and learn the facts of it.  Once that is completed Quinesha then comes up
with a treatment plan for the family. 
The treatment plan consists of the reasons as to why the family is
involved with the Department of Social Services and what needs to be done for
the family to be done with the Department of Social Services. Within the
treatment plan there are specific services that the parents of the children
must do before their case can be closed.

I shadowed a lady by the name of Quinesha Cohen.  Quinesha has been an employee of the
Department of Social Services for over a year. 
This individual works in the Family Preservation Division.  Quinesha job activities consist of a variety
of things.  Once a case is accepted
through the intake division the assessment division goes out and investigate
the allegations that have come in. If it is found that a child has been abused
or neglected within their home, then the case is indicated for either abuse or
neglect and then is transferred to the family Preservation Division.

the agency has Child Protective Services that range from four different program
areas such as assessment, family preservation, foster care and adoptions. They
not only serve to the children’s population but also has a program area known
as Adult Protective Services that advocates and protects the health and welfare of elderly, disabled,
and vulnerable adults (Adult Protective Services, 2018). The
Department of Social Services upholds to their mission of serving South Carolina by promoting the safety, permanency, and
well-being of children and vulnerable adults, helping individuals achieve
stability and strengthening families(About DSS, 2018).  As I visited the agency I heard the agency
mission repeated more than once and could tell that this is what the agency
believes and does work by.

the agency visit I chose to visit the Department of Social Services of Richland
County in Columbia South Carolina.  While
visiting the Department of Social Services I gained a lot of information about
the agency that I did not know. The Department of Social Services of Richland
County offer a wide range of services. 
These services include, (SNAP), a supplemental nutrition program which
helps provide families with assistance with food, (TANF), Temporary Assistance
for Needy Families with low income which provides a monthly stipend for
families for income for the month.