Drunk practice makes perfect! There has been

Drunk driving in other words  means “driving under the influence.” Driving a motor vehicle with high blood levels of alcohol over the legal limit, of course not it the norm in today’s society. Have you ever been tired and lonely? If you answered yes to that question, drinking might be a solution to your problems. I was told that getting drunk is fun and isn’t a bad idea and it just might be if you think about it. When you’re drunk and driving it really gives you an adrenaline rush. If you don’t experience anything, hey no one is going to stop you, so keep trying until you get it right. People are slowly figuring out about how cool drunk driving can be. There’s a saying that practice makes perfect! There has been many stories about teens getting drunk and getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. However, research has shown that drinking alcohol while driving can lead to many problems including death. Drunk drivers may think that they are just like regular drivers because they can make their own decisions just like other people who are not drunk driving, but that can lead to series of injury even death! It should be said that drunk driving should be legal. You can say that driving under the influence of alcohol can make every driver on the road to pay more attention to what they are doing. If the drunk driver is moving from one lane to the other or driving crazy it makes the other people want to try it. Think about it, if you are driving and you see someone going from one lane into another wouldn’t you drive with more caution? I think I would. As you can see that particular driver makes the other driver drive with more precaution. What if an terrible car accident happened, it might be just me but it always seem to be the drunk drivers fault? What if it was the other driver who wasn’t paying attention to the road? What if he or she was texting someone, or doing their makeup in the driver mirror?