How to decorate a master bedroom Home

How to decorate a master bedroom


Home is where the heart is and the bedroom is where the privacy, relaxation and rest are. Who does not want to enter into a warm, tasteful and nice bedroom after a long day hard work?

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We cannot deny that materialistic things make us happy. We will undoubtly  be glad if we get the chance to wake up every morning  in the bedroom of Mohammad Hadid’s mansion of Las Vegas. Unfortunately we all were not born with a golden spoon in our mouth. But, if we put our patience, love and a little touch of aesthetics ,we certainly can make our master bedroom a paradise.

First of all, when the term master bedroom comes into our mind we imagine a room which has a bed,an almirah,a dressing table,some furnitures and windows covered with curtains.

In the below, I have described how you can build a master bedroom which will express not only comfort,but also your taste.


Be very open-minded while choosing your master bed. Don’t be too bother to spend. Your master bed is the centre of your bed room. Try authentic designs or you can apply your own. Place the master bed in front of windows, cover it with fancy bedcovers. You can also use bold pillow covers to maintain the casualty.

If the room is small, do not buy huge bad. Also, avoid using dark colored bed covers.


The paint of the wall tells a lot about you. Just do not loose the scope to draw your ideas onto the wall. People are now going back to the stylish stickers used in 1990s.You can also give it a try. It is both affordable and colorful.

Sometimes, mixture of different paints makes your room a disaster. Try to match color in an intelligent way. Even if you want advice from an interior designer, take it.Deep colors(Black,brown,green etc)  are highly discouraged to use in a small bedroom.

Keep the thought in mind about the sunlight and curtains.Make sure the color of the wall gives comfort to your eyes and a satin finish to your bedroom.


Most of the time the curtains are very much neglected in order to give our master bedroom a dreamy treat. But, the use of right curtain can change the look your bedroom totally.

Always compare the color of curtains with your wall color and bed cover. It is best to buy bed covers which match the color of curtain.

However, many people prefer the wall color.

In order to maintain a low budget, curtains can be purchased of different materials.

Other furniture and accessories

Be wise while decorating a small bedroom. Prioritize your necessaries first. Have a bedside stand with drawers which will hold your important things.

Get a comfy or a lounge to extend your reading hours. Find bright colored and elegant designed carpets. Put some paintings on your wall. These will give your bedroom an artistic vibe.

Use lightings to brighten your room. Lights of bulb stands beside bed delivers a soft look when other lights are turned off. The luminous of bulbs of dressing table should be higher.

In modern era, people are fond of hanging mirrors onto the bedroom wall.

Some people make box-bed for extra storage. It is obviously a very wise decision to increase space.

Above all, decorate your master bedroom the way you want. Because, in the end , this is the only place of your stress relief. So, take your time and spark your thoughts to create a new heaven.