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I remember the day I learned to love reading. I was still in elementary school, but to me it seems as if it was longer than that. I was used to only reading picture books, so when I read my first chapter book I hated it. I had never been so confused in my life. I may be exaggerating just a little bit, but what I remember the book was in all three persons, first, second and third person, and the three main characters all had the same name. Nikki, my sister, noticed how confused I looked when reading, so she told me “Before you give up reading chapter books, you should read the Percy Jackson series.” I told her that I would try it out , but in my mind I was thinking is she crazy I am never going to a chapter book again. I read the books anyways and I loved them. Ever since I read those books, I learned to love reading. Reading helps me feel emotions I never would have felt, and it helps me understand other cultures and people better. Reading has become one of my favorite ways of entertainment. When I read I feel as if I am in the main character’s shoes. I have games on my phone of nothing but reading and making decisions based on what I have read.  My favorite part of reading is imagining how the people look, how they act to what’s going on, and how they feel about their decisions. The Percy Jackson series put me in the shoes of a demigod, half god half man. A character  that was not supposed to be born and had many challenges to face because of it. I became a part of him I felt his fear and emotions. Reading books about other cultures lets me understand other people and how they react to situations. The Lion of Sabray is a book about a muslim man in Afghanistan, named Mohammad Gulab, that saved Marcus Luttrell a U.S. Navy Seal. The book goes into details of how he and his village lives. I use books like these for me to see how other people believe and how they react to certain situations. I have always been fascinated about how other people live, and if it were not for books I would not have a clue about how Gulab and the people of Sabray live on a everyday basis.If Nikki never pushed me to start reading chapter books I would have never put myself in other people’s shoes or understand what makes other people tick and their beliefs. Books make me think and care more about other people. Books provide me the opportunity to experience the impossible. They also make me feel emotions and learn things I never would have before and that’s why I love reading books.