I of my interest towards this field.

I had always been
exploring and trying to grasp the knowledge, mechanism and science behind them;
understanding their application in practical life. I am an assiduous,
passionate and enthusiastic engineering graduate cherishing to fascinate myself
with the modern and advanced engineering erudition. I desire to fulfil my
passion by unleashing my profundity, technical approach and commitment to


My name is Usman Ahsan
and I belong to a developing city of Punjab province of Pakistan. As like in any
other small town, the educational resources in my town were also limited but
still my parents ensured for me the best education possible for which I am
grateful to them. I completed my Matriculation with Science majors from Tamer e
Millet High School, the best school of my home town and secured 86.95% marks.
My obsession with technology led me to choose Pre-Engineering subjects during
my High School education. I completed my Pre-Engineering education with flying
grades and secured 85.54% marks as a result of my interest towards this field.
I have always been fond of mechanical things as they made our life easier
starting from the invention of the wheels to this era where exotic cars are
roaming our streets now a days. My love for machines compelled me to choose
Mechanical Engineering field. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in
Mechanical Engineering from University
of Engineering and Technology Lahore,
one of the best universities of Pakistan, securing 2.534 CGPA out of 4.00 in a
competent environment working with pertinacious resistance to confrontations.

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I was actively involved
in the extra-curricular activities besides the college academic. The only
driving force behind all this was my aim to develop all the facets of my
personality. Because of this I could not achieve the good grades I wanted to. I
feel that the marks I gained are not the sole indicators of my understanding of
the subjects.


For the
past six month I have been working as a Quality Control Inspector in
GESCO Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. During this practical experience my work has
helped me develop a thorough insight into return to the academic world for the
further growth of my knowledge. To further elaborate my acumen in Management and
nurture sound technical skills, I am going to apply for “(Master of Science
in Supply Chain Engineering and Management)” in the JACOBS


What motivates me to pursue Supply Chain Engineering in
masters is the way its applications like resolving problems of industrial complex supply chains which
continue to affect our lives and is truly a mind power for tomorrow’s
technology. I have been in touch with the advancements in Supply Chain
Engineering through some journals especially “International Journal of Physical Distribution &
Logistics Management” for
about a year and have also gone through a number of published research papers.
As a matter of fact, I would have intentions to do a job rather than doing
masters if Supply Chain Engineering didn’t have fascinated me that much.

I have been searching
for best universities across globe for over two years, after rigorous research
and meditation it would be very safe to state that the JACOBS UNIVERSITY is the
premier and pre-eminent among all universities in Germany for doing Master in
Supply chain engineering program. My posture is strengthened by the new
development of QUICK – CHECK for
Supply Chain Certainty by JACOBS UNIVERSITY scientists in the field of Supply
Chain Engineering and Management. The JACOBS
UNIVERSITY provides a vibrant culture thus
fostering talent and adroitness in its students. The aforesaid potentials
compelled me to acquire my desired education in the prosperous environment of


As mentioned
on official website, JACOBS UNIVERSITY provides integrated industrial training
along with theoretical study and students are encouraged to carry out their
study projects in a company which will provide me with practical application of
theoretical knowledge. Nearly 1000 international students are studying in
different programs at JACOBS UNIVERSITY so it would be great to interact with
people from different origins and I will hopefully enjoy a healthy competition.


Furthermore the website of the department
revealed very strong faculty like Prof. Dr. Julia Bendul involved in
extensive research in the field of Industrial Management. I am confident
that the erudite faculty will make my learning experience extraordinary. If I
get the opportunity to be a part of that intellectually stimulating
environment, I am sure my talent will be put to optimal use.


German qualifications
are acknowledged by employers and leading educational institutes in many
countries around the globe. In Pakistan, similarly, the leading firms prefer
the graduates of German universities owing to their insight in advance
technical erudition. Among different industrial firms of Pakistan, Fauji
Fertilizers Company, Engro Fertilizers Group, Coca Cola Beverages Private
Limited, Schlumberger, Unilever, Phillip Morris, Procter & Gamble Co., are
the leading ones who prefer the graduates from German institutes. The salary
and the perks offered to the post graduates of German Universities are much
more than offered to the post graduates of Pakistani Universities. German
postgraduates are also sound in technical skills and practical approach owing
to the challenging career provided to them in German Institutes.


Being denizen of a
developing country, my first and foremost intention is to render my services in
the build out of my country putting it on the way to prosper in the field of
technology and transformation to digitalization, for which I would like to equip
myself with the required skills from the gem of institutes among all. Under
this stance, I plan to return to my home country to serve and fulfil my
national obligations and extend my role in the development of my beloved


I will therefore, feel
obliged to be able to secure admission in your prestigious university pursue my
MS Program. I am sure that I will match all the credentials and will be
able to maintain high standard at your university