In there is a girl whos holding

In this picture, we first see three people in a big room that has longs on bed in it, on the wall there is a sign says J.T policy orphanages, and we can see a huge looking Justin trudeau in the middle on the picture is talking to a cowboy looking small guy who had senate reform printed on the back on his jacket. Behind Justin Trudeau there is a girl whos holding a doll, wearing a marijuana hat and on her shirt it says legalizing pot. Justin Trudeau said to the boy “……And just like the NDP neglected your foster sister, we’ve taken you in because the conservative gave up on you.” So In my opinion I supposed that the foster sister is the girl with the marijuana hat, and what just tried means that NDP didn’t want to legalizing pot, and conservative gave up on senate reform so liberal has “adopted” senate reform.          It’s obvious that Conservative doesn’t like to do any big changes, so it could be normal that how Conservative gave up on senate reform. They think that senate can reform by itself, it just needs to take certain practices. Conservative Leo Housakos said “When you have a majority government talking about abolishing opposition in the legislative chamber … it is really dangerous rhetoric. What does he want to do? Another thing Housakos said is that he think Trudeau wants parliamentary body similar to ones in North Korea, or Iran, or Cuba, he thinks that is what this prime minister is really proposing.          On 2014, Justin Trudeau has expelled from his caucus every single Liberal member of the upper house and has declared there is no longer any such thing as a Liberal senator. He thinks the senate is broken and it needs to be fixed. In addition to that he said “The Senate was once referred to as a place of sober, second thought, a place that allows for reflective deliberation on legislation, in-depth studies into issues of import to the country, and, to a certain extent, provide a check and balance on the politically driven House of Commons.” However to justin trudeau It has become very clear that the party structure within the Senate got into the way with these responsibilities.        Justin Trudeau does not regret and thinks senate reform is just on the right track under his government, and just like it’s shown in the cartoon picture, how Trudeau said the conservative gave up on senate reform, he blames it’s the Conservatives’ fault for legislative delays happening in the Upper Chamber, bolstering his argument for an even more non partisan Senate. Which conservative on the other hand, thinks if Trudeau continue to infringe upon fundamental principles of democracy by not respecting our British parliamentary system, they are going to have a huge political price to pay.