Logic back to space and the need

Logic sends Cooper to go to space and work for Prof. Brand in
order to save mankind, but his love for his kids brings him back home to be
with Murph. But after he comes back and she will hardly speak to him he decides
to go anyway, she doesn’t want Cooper to go but logic and the drive to get back
to space and the need to save the world forces Cooper to leave her, or does he?
At the end he’s able to look at time as if it is happening now. The scene where
Anne Hathaway shakes hands with what she thinks is a ghost but it’s really
Cooper and the library in Murph’s room is actually a room full of memories. Time
and logic presents that the 24-hour day is not the same in the rest of the
universe and so every day that Cooper spends on Saturn is the same as months
and months on earth. So his daughter would be aging much faster than him. Interstellar should
be viewed as a metaphor, emotions like love/desire and the visuals of aging are
more a state of mind than they are real.