Many lack of Executive branch, better known

Many people believe that our
country was built off of the Constitution that is still in use today.  They are however, wrong.   America
was in fact built off of The Articles of Confederation, which some people refer
to as the first constitution of the United States (, 2009).  These articles are often overlooked however,
because of their many weaknesses that instead of being ratified, were
essentially thrown away.  Such weaknesses
include having only one branch, no president, and the one branch not being able
to tax.


first weakness that the Articles of Confederation was that there was only one
branch of government.  This branch is what
we know as Congress today.  While our
leaders were on the right track by allowing them to make alliances, sign
treaties and declare war, there were still a lot of problems with Congress (Digital
History).    First
of all, in Congress, 9 of the 13 states had to vote to get something passed,
which some might see as being both a good and bad thing.  Within the one soul branch of government,
there was also no power to tax, which meant there was no way to collect funds
to improve our nation.   Another major problem in Congresses role in
the articles was their inability to regulate interstate trade.  This made for a very divided country that
could not always get the supplies they needed easily, due to their supply
coming from out of state.  Overall, the
Articles of Confederation had a good idea in creating the legislative branch of
our government, but the powers they were not given became their downfall.

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second major weakness that the Articles had was the lack of Executive branch,
better known as the President.  This
meant that there was no one to enforce the laws that Congress was carrying out.

Our leaders did not want a sole power at the head of the Executive Branch in
fear that we would have another person control our government and lives, just
as King George III had previously done to us.