On including the boston massacre, a protest

On the 18th of April, 1775 Right before the start of the Revolutionary war Paul Revere , a silversmith living in Boston, started revolt and revolution. British troops were coming into Concord, Massachusetts to take and steal all of the colonists weapons and gunpowder. Paul Revere had had enough of sitting around and letting the british unfairly treat the colonists and he took matters into his own hands, gathered a large group of people and set off to stop the British. Revere was part of the sons of liberty, a group of protesters and liberty fighters  Its’ members include Samuel Adams, a statesman and political philosopher, Benedict Arnold, a general who later defected to the british army, John Hancock, a merchant ,statesman and great businessman saying  “The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and to influence their actions”. Patrick Henry, an attorney well known for his famous line ” give me liberty or give me death, joseph warren, a physician, and alexander Mcdougall, a seaman, merchant and the leader of the sons of liberty.Paul Revere wanted everyone to get together and make a stand against what had gone on for too long, the british bullying. The bullying was mostly the forcing of unfair and expensive taxes. This included taxing the colonists to found british troops that were fighting a completely different war, extra taxes on things that the colonists couldn’t make such as sugar, molasses, paper, glass, lead, tea, and paint, and unnecessary rough treating of the colonists by british troops. Before the midnight ride a few riots had already occurred including the boston massacre, a protest where 5 colonists got killed and the Boston tea party, a shipment of tea that the colonists raided and threw into the boston harbor.(which Revere participated in) however the midnight ride was one of the first times the colonists actually fought back. The whole thing started when Paul Revere figured out about the british coming to Concord through secret meetings underground with the sons of liberty. The meetings had to be very secret so that the british would not find out about them. In Revere’s own words he describes the secrecy in a letter written to a friend. He said “We were so careful that our meetings should be kept secret that every time we met, every person swore upon the bible that they would not discover any of our  transactions but to messrs, hancock, adams, doctors, warren, church, and one or two more. The person that actually figured out that the british were going to come was a 13 year old boy named Sam Ballard who happened to overhear the british speaking about it. Revere immediately went to devise a plan. Soon the plan was made and just as quickly in action. Robert Newman was to wait in the Old North Church and watch for the two ways the redcoats might be coming to concord by land or water. The land option was through the Boston Neck, a narrow strip of land connecting boston and the mainland city of Roxbury or the redcoats could go through the Charles River. Robert Newman was told to watch for the way that the Redcoats passed and then hang signal lanterns for the waiting Paul Revere. One lantern if by land two lanterns by boat . The redcoats ended up crossing the Charles River and two lanterns were hung in the old north church. Revere and many others then started their long, perilous journey into the black of the night. The riders went from door to door knocking franticly and yelling Revere’s famous line “The Redcoats are coming!’. The journey started in Boston went up through Charlestown Through the frigid cold of the Charles River and all the way to lexington while his friend William Dawes took a different route warning even more colonists. Some colonists even got on horses and joined the ride. Revere only made it to Lexington where he was captured by the british but many other riders did make it along with a bunch of angry colonists with any weapon they could find including pitchforks, guns, hoes, etc… In the end Revere rode over 12 miles on his horse “brown beauty” and was exhausted by the end.The colonists then drove the redcoats back to britain and won back their gunpowder and weapons.Even though it was only one battle paul revere’s move kicked the whole revolutionary war into motion and inspired revolt and revolution. Paul Revere’s determination and perseverance caused other colonists to stand up for what they believed in. The Midnight ride didn’t just start the whole Revolutionary War, it set the whole patriotic lifestyle and determination that made the pride of a patriot. Also in the next few battles that were fought in the Revolutionary war the colonists were able to use the weapons that paul revere had saved. Although the war was long and tough the colonists won by winning the Siege of Yorktown. Even though the british had more troops, better trained troops, and better equipment the british lost because the colonists were so determined to prevail. One of the key parts of the colonists winning is that they had the attitude to work harder than than the british troops because the british troops were just fighting for money. This revolutionary attitude can be traced back to the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. Also a commonly used tactic in the revolutionary war was guerrilla warfare. Guerrilla warfare was a way for the patriots to surprise attack the redcoats and take advantage of them using a tactic of hiding or disguising themselves till they could strike and run. This tactic worked incredibly well winning the patriots various other battles. The Midnight Ride was the first form of guerrilla warfare used in the Revolutionary War influencing the later use of it throughout the war. The siege of yorktown, the final battle that won the war itself was a form of guerrilla warfare. In the siege of Yorktown the patriots and the French surrounded a huge british military camp and waited for them to surrender. In that sense Paul revere is responsible for much of the success of the Revolutionary War. The tactic of guerrilla warfare was used in the civil war and is still used in wars today and still works just as well. Although it is well known that Paul Revere was a revolutionary hero , not much is know about his casual normal personality in fact according to an interview with a paul revere exhibit “not many documents or journals were left behind”.  After the war paul revere had married Sarah Orne, and had 16 children. After the war he lived a wealthy and successful life as a silversmith making silverware and church bells. He also was known to make things with ” innovative and unusual designs” according to a Paul Revere specialist. But sadly not all of the sons of liberty made it through the war alive as joseph warren died in action fighting for liberty. Paul Revere’s midnight ride had a colossal affect on the Revolutionary war and inspired the patriotic attitude. Paul revere was a hero.