Real first five seconds of every YouTube

Real EstateThere are many ways in which you can get involved in real estate; you can buy them and sell, or you can become a landlord with tons of rental properties. If you want to venture into real estate,  make sure that you have a good mentor, if not you could lose a lot of money very quickly, if you don’t know what to do. If you’re not comfortable in investing into physical real estate, you can invest your money in sites like In fundrise, they’d take your money and put them in a pool with other real estate investors and someone is going to be in charge of choosing those physical locations for you. In that way, you’re not in charge of picking those locations or helping to collect rent, or making sure of the upkeep of those buildings, all you do is sit back and collect the interest in dividends * ### Publish content and run adsIf you’re comfortable standing in front of a camera,  you can publish content to YouTube and make money. So, how exactly is money made on youtube, the most easiest way is the ads that you see. You know those annoying ads, the ones that pop-up the  first five seconds of every YouTube video that you watch, yeah,  those ads.  Anyway, YouTube publishers get paid anytime you watch any of their videos. So,  YouTube is always looking for content creators that are willing to put in their time and effort to create good video content. Let’s say you open a YouTube channel, and you start making  makeup tutorial videos, you’d start making money with the ads from your videos, the ads would increase as the videos increase and your money will increase as well. * ### Start a blogStarting a blog can earn you money,  the more the traffic to your site,  the more money you make.  Some local companies or multinationals can put up ads on your blog site at a fee,  depending on your agreement with them. The good thing is,  you can blog about anything that interests you,  from food to real-estate,  from sports to lifestyles, or whatever.