The SUAL, and Swiss company Glencore which

major findings included the evaluated analysis of the financial ratios of the
OJSC RUSAL and UC RUSAL. Secondly, the fair value of the company based on
market multiples was assessed. Besides, the market multipliers performance is trailed
within the company perspective and aluminum industry. Finally, the estimation
of the impact of merger on the stock performance of the companies – rivals of
OJSC RUSAL and UC RUSAL within aluminum industry was measured. The study
concluded with suggestions of the significant factors of a particular
transaction in order to lay down basics of integration strategy and management
decision making.

descriptive research design was followed in the study. The design concerned
with the definition of corporate performance in terms of M&A deals in
Russia. Thus, to reinforce the results, the research included an overview of
the aluminum industry identifying the pre – and post – merger company position.

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Russian market of mergers and acquisitions has strengthened over the recent
decade. One of the most significant consolidations on the Russian market was
the merger of Russian aluminum giants, i.e. RUSAL and SUAL, and Swiss company
Glencore which was supposed to create an international diversified metallurgy
corporation. In light of the same, the article predicts the success of the deal
and, in turn, the world aluminum market performance.

article focuses on the merger in the aluminum industry in Russia. Besides the
practical issue connected with the optimization of the united resources, the
overall effect of merger has not efficiently impacted the corporate
performance, which on surface forms the research gap for this paper. Thus, this
research analyses the multi-faceted impact of the merger on the corporate
performance. It also provides an overview of the stock prices on the companies
operating within the aluminum industry to demonstrate the general impact of the