The the ideas and feelings expressed in

primary goal of summarizing is to tie together the thoughts ideas and emotions
that were expressed during the session with a client. This gives the client a
clearer overview of  of their current
situation. Which in turn they are less confused so they are better able to deal
with their current issue or issues.

also compliments the Attending and Active Listening skills greatly in a
session, because if you have been properly using these skills during your
session you are better able to summarize what your client is not only saying
and feeling but what they aren’t verbally saying, and even what they may not
realize they even maybe feeling themselves. So when summarizing this back to
the client it makes it clearer to them and they feel heard and understood and
may see things in a different way for themselves. And give them some
clarification on there situation. And although Paraphrasing and Summarizing are
similar, they are not the same. Summarizing is taking key points and elements
from the conversation and combining the ideas and feelings expressed in the
session and putting them into a context that helps the client to see a clearer
picture of their situation that has been discussed in that session or a series
of sessions. While Paraphrasing is repeating what the client has just said in
the last sentence or last few sentences, while wording it differently.
Summarizing benefits the client by enabling them to absorb and ponder on what
they’ve been sharing, because summarizing involves reflecting back the essence
of the conversation, not just verbatim repeating the clients last statement.
Summarizing clarifies what the client has been saying and puts it in a
organized format so that the client is better able to see a clearer picture of
there own situation. Summarizing also compliments Termination in a counseling
session by summing up the clients thoughts and ideas and emotions and in doing
so gives the client a clearer picture of whats been discussed And this will be
of great use when starting towards the termination of a session or series of
sessions. Where the progress of goals are shown to have been met by the client
and the client has been able to discuss their thoughts and feelings and ideas
and are able to come to there own conclusions on how to resolve the situation
so that they can have peace of mind and clarity in their life about themselves
within the situation.

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In our session today we’ve discussed how your boss doesn’t seem to
appreciate all the hard work you’ve been doing. And that he also doesn’t know
what’s going on within your home life outside of work that’s putting extra
stress and pressure on you. You said you’ve worked very closely with him for
over 15 yrs. And now you’d be comfortable and feel he would be too in
discussing with him what’s been happening with you. Instead of letting him
“think whatever he wants to” as you said earlier. So he can see this isn’t just
you slacking off at work.


Yes we’ve worked together for so long now. I’ve been being stubborn. I
know talking to him about what’s been happening is better than just clamming up
and letting him think what he wants. Ya know. He deserves to know the truth
instead of me letting him think maybe the worst and I end up loosing my job
over something like this.


Wonderful, It seems like your much more at ease after being able to come to
this decision. And I hope all goes well Monday after your talk with him.

back in with me around midweek and let me know how things went.