Training kinds of weight training, gym training,

Training to be a sports person involves more than blood, sweat and tears; one has to pledge one’s soul to the game. Shiva Thapa, an Indian boxer from Guwahati has a very rigid schedule. He starts his day with meditation at the break of dawn, followed by running for almost an hour. He then gets into the exclusive skill training required for his sport. He works on punching pads to hone his fighting moves in the ring. He skips, squats and uses his punching bags to improve his punches.He has a high-intensity fast workout training at the gym as he just needs to keep himself fit and lean. Dutee Chand is an Indian professional sprinter from Odisha.  Dutee starts her day at 5 a.m. every day with yoga, running, and gymming. He runs for 7kms to 12 kms in a day. At the gym, she lifts weights and uses almost all the equipments there to train for endurance and build her stamina. Khushbir Kaur, is an Indian racewalker from Punjab. She starts her training early in the morning at 4 a.m. with warm-ups and walking techniques. Training for walking on different kind of terrains, is the major work here. Squeezes in a nap and a massage in between her vigorous exercise schedules.  She hits the gym at noon and follows that with running during the evenings. Indian marathon runners, especially women, do a weekly run of about 280 kms. Jeetu Rishi is a national athelete and a running coach.  He explains that different kinds of weight training, gym training, and rest periods are required for marathon runners, 100-metre runners and 400-metre runners. He insists that all runners should go through hill training as well. Other training tips by the Indian Tennis coach, Shrinivas Rao Kola, discuss the importance of mental strength over physical strength. He emphasizes on playing in the moment instead of dwelling on past mistakes, playing the ball and not get intimidated by the opponent, take part in mental strength exercises and breathing the right way, to train effectively. Mohit Chaturvedi a cricket coach from Mumbai, stresses the importance of concentration that is critical to a cricketer’s success when he toils for long hours at the field. He insists that cricketers go through yoga and meditation to train for higher concentration levels. He says that repeating an activity for a set period (for instance, tapping a ball on a bat) also improves concentration levels.